Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hey Everyone,

Alright...well time to download all the information I can about such an awesome week. I guess i'll start off by just saying that I think I have taught more by the power of the Holy Ghost this last week than I have in my entire mission. Elder Taylor and I just teach super well together, and it is wonderful to have no frustrations or worries when teaching with a companion. We taught 2 less active members and 2 investigators and all four lessons were seriously not even close to what we had talked about teaching. Basically with all of them we just sat down, talked about what their wants and desires are and then offered ourselves and said we would do EVERYTHING we could do to help them get there. Dan Carlson (Less Active Return Missionary who is awesome) said that he wanted to come back, but was nervous. We taught him for only a few minutes, showed a mormon.org video and then he said he wanted to come to conference. He came. Boom, roasted.

Next was, Toni Dumais. She has been LA for a while and her husband in a recent convert. Both are awesome and they have us over about once a week to just teach and most often feed us dinner too. We had a lesson with just her and she talked about wanting to get to the temple and get her patriarchal blessing. She expressed some concerns so we ended up talking all about the Atonement and about Emma Smith. As we were talking she started to cry and said, "you just hit the nail right on the head." If that isn't a good indicator of a spirit directed lesson...i don't know what is. I hope that doesn't sound super prideful, but I felt SO much joy knowing that Heavenly Father reached his daughter through us. I can't believe that God takes such goofs (19 year old boys) and uses them in such a great work.

Our next big lesson was with Katie and Ryan. We talked to them about reading and we had another spiritual lesson in which they expressed some concerns about why they weren't reading. We just asked some questions and they pretty much told us exactly what they needed from us to help them read. We have been trying to figure that out for months, so that was a HUGE blessing this week.

Last, but not least, was our lesson with Eddie (LA) and Ashley (non-member). We talked to them about what they wanted in life and in the gospel. We asked why they kept inviting us over and why they thought we could help. After asking what they were working towards and how we could help the pretty much told us that they wanted to be married within 6 weeks, and Ashley to be baptized within 7. So...that sounds like a miracle to me. We're hoping to continue working with all of these great people. In the mean time, i am just one happy camper.

I guess I shouldn't have said last thing, because the cap of an awesome week was General Conference. Holy! What a powerhouse! I was impressed by Elder Holland's talk in conference where he was talking about paying attention to the spirit you're feeling RIGHT NOW. Both him, Elder Hallstrom, and Elder Oaks gave incredible talks that I felt were perfect for me to know right now. I thought the underlying theme in the first session of "Our church is the bomb" was super sweet. Elder Taylor and I were talking right before the conference about how even if the church wasn't true, we'd still be a part of it. It felt like the brethren were listening and were agreeing with us. I am super grateful to be a part of Christ's church on the earth today. I am glad to know that that is a fact. I can't even describe how much I have learned about myself and how much I need the gospel in my life. I thought I could do this all on my own before, and it seems like the more i learn, the more i just get wrapped up in the gospel. I suppose it is an alright thing to be wrapped up in.

Anyway, i love you all. I hope that you will continue to read up on and study the words of our Leaders. It's what God wants us to be doing! I can't wait to see you all soon!

-Elder Brown

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