Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello Everyone,
Wow! This week we saw some pretty incredibly shocking and unexpected events come to pass. Ha ha I almost don't have a clue where to start. So I guess to start off, Monday after P-day we had a really awesome lesson with Ryan and Katie about scripture study. I had no idea how much that would change throughout the course of the week.

We got a call Tuesday night from Ryan on the verge of tears telling us that Katie had taken off and taken Harlow (their baby together). Apparently she and Ryan got in a big argument and she is now living with her parents north of town. So as of Thursday morning Katie was talking to us and trying to make sure her parents were okay with us still meeting with her, and things were still relatively under control.

Thursday night we were helping a member of the Bishopric rip out his basement and I saw that we had a bunch of missed calls. I called the number back and it was Katie's father who was EXTREMELY rude, and then Katie finally came on the phone. BTW, Katie's family is incredibly anti-Mormon. So she came on the line and she said that she doesn't want anything to do with the church and she wants to discontinue her lessons. She talked about that she had a run in with Ryan's father (who is also in the Bishopric) and now she is judging the whole church because of some things that he may or may not have said. Either way, it is a ridiculous situation. We were both pretty shocked that Katie, who was bearing her testimony to us on Monday so confused so quick and has abandoned everything. We were pretty torn up about it.

Just because I needed some consolation, I called Donald who had been pretty solid all along. When we called him he told us that he was glad we called because he had been meaning to talk to us. Well he informed us that he still wanted to come to church and meet with us, but he has no intention of being baptized. Ha ha that was the last straw.

I called the less actives in the ward that we've been working with and I can't even describe the response we got. EVERY less active member we called was just in a good mood, excited to talk to us, couldn't wait for us to come over, and was looking forward to the next lesson. If that's not a gift from Heavenly Father, I don't know what is.

I was just thinking about the saying that when one door closes, another opens. I think that it sometimes true, but I think this is more accurate (at least in missionary work): One door closes, a few small windows, most of the time on the top floor making them difficult to get to, open up. The Lord continues to provide ways to get to the work inside, but he allows us some different routes that will help us work a little harder and get the benefits of the hard work for ourselves. I am surprised that I can say this at the end of such a cruddy week, but I Love this work. I have felt more love for people we're working with this week than ever before. I feel like the Lord is providing opportunities for me to be a little more humble and soft hearted. I have also realized I am pretty terrible in both of those departments. We're struggling in the investigator department, so any prayer you can offer in our behalf would be greatly appreciated. Sorry to continue to bug you for your prayers and support, but it means a lot. Just a few more months, then I’ll quit bugging you!  I love you all a lot. Have a wonderful week!

-Elder Brown

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