Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello to all those who are reading,
So this week was above incredible. I suppose phenomenal would be a better word to describe it. Oh what a week! I guess I'll just report chronologically. On Monday-Tuesday of this last week we had the mission wide fast and we got lots of positive comments from not only our ward, but the missionaries/wards from the stake. We feel like it gave us a good boost of morale and visible success. More to come hopefully.

The next awesome thing that happened this week was we were able to have a member invite one of his former employees and his girlfriend to take the discussion. On Thursday night we went over to Dan Sansome's house to meet him and his girlfriend, Cheri. Both of them were anxious to learn and to come to church. Brother Blum, a member of our bishopric, was their friend who invited them and he came with us. We had just a short visit because their boys, James and Jacob, are young and were getting tired and cranky. So we kept it short but invited them to church. They told us that they were going to be taking a trip to Slave Lake this weekend to see Cheri's family, but they would be back very late Saturday night and would try to come. Well they came and brought their boys.
They woke up a little late so they didn't even eat breakfast before they came. Both Dan and Cheri wanted to stay, but because their kids were super hungry they had to leave after the second hour. We're meeting with them on Tuesday with a young couple from the ward and are hoping that they'll be drawn in by the young couples in our ward who love to fellowship and friendship. They're really good at it too.
I guess while I'm on the subject of church. We taught a primary class of 5 year olds this week and it was one of the toughest lesson's I've taught. To keep 5 youngsters busy and interested is near impossible. They were really good for us though. We also were asked to help teach in young women's because they were talking about their role in preparing young men for missions. We were happy to speak and i feel like we gave them some good advice.
That lesson was the result of a meeting the young men had on Saturday talking about mission prep, which leads me to the last highlight of the week.The meeting the young men participated in was for the whole stake and all YM ages 14-24 who haven't served missions. They were very specific about who could/couldn't come to the meeting. Only the boys, parents, bishop/branch presidents, and the stake presidency was allowed. Well, and i guess us because we are the zone leaders over the stake and I was asked to speak.
They were selective because they were speaking very candidly and directly about the worthiness and preparation aspects of missionary service. It was an excellent meeting and i wish our stake would have done this. I wish they would have just spelled out exactly what is okay and what is not. I didn't know ANY of this stuff until i went away to school. So if you have any sway in your stakes to suggest it. It is incredible and the YM will be sure to stay out if they go this way. I LOVED this meeting so much.
I was asked by President Cherwak (stake president) to just give a few minutes of my thoughts concerning my preparation and what it means to really serve and honorable mission. I was glad to have some time to address the boys and encourage them to keep working hard and to not be dumb and ignorant like i was. I really loved this week and am so anxious to see what our Heavenly Father has in store for His children that we have the privilege to teach this week.
I love you all so so so much and can't wait to hear from any/all of you,
Elder Brown

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