Monday, January 23, 2012

Hi family and friends,

This week has been a pretty eventful one. We began our week with pretty much "freezing to death" temperatures. For the majority of Tuesday and Wednesday it dropped down below -40 degrees so not too much work was happening. At that temperature we're only allowed to go out to specific appointments. We luckily had a few. We also spent most of that time on exchanges, but we weren't able to see any of the work going on, so it wasn't super productive. I did get to know Elder Nichols really well though. He is from Sacramento, and is super awesome. He was telling me all about Ezra Taft Benson's talks on politics and how the gospel really applies to the Government just as well as anything else. He had quite a few talks and some pretty convincing statements that were talking about how communism/socialism and the law of consecration are totally different. It was neat stuff.

When we finally did get to get out and work we had some great lessons. We taught Kristen again this week and we had an incredible intense lesson. I think I said this last week, but I’m not sure so I’ll write again. She has a lot of Pentecostal-like influence so we're kind of working around that. She talked about a prayer that she was inspired to begin saying and it was a recited prayer about casting out evil influences and protecting the earth. She talked about casting out ants from her yard and all of these crazy things. We really had no idea where to go and then before we even really knew what we were doing we were teaching about how all of those things can be asked for in prayer, but in our church we value opposition and challenges. We talked about how we don't shy away from trials because that is how we grow. I had never really thought of teaching that, but I guess the spirit knows more than both of elder Larson and me. It was a really great and intense lesson, but she still didn't come to church this week.

We had a lesson with Wyatt last night and had quite the experience. We found out just prior to the lesson that he and the members' son had been out drinking and partying until about 3 in the morning and were pretty much breaking every part of the WoW possible. Ha ha I guess that means we know what we're teaching this week. We ended up finishing the Plan of Salvation and focused hard on repentance and the atonement. It was great to see that he received it well and wanted to do everything he could to repent and be better. He for sure has this weekend off to come to church, so we'll be very happy to have him there.

Katie and Ryan are doing well. Katie is down to 2/12 cigarettes a day and has picked Valentine's Day to be done smoking. Every time we talk about it she warns Ryan how grumpy she is going to be on their special day. Ha ha it should be pretty funny. Their kids really like us and their oldest daughter Sadie reminds me of Maura back before I left. She seems so much older now, but she reminds me of 5 year old Maura.

Things are good up here. The weather is getting warm again. It is only -10 today and it feels like Hawaii! Ha ha it is so weird to feel so warm at such a cold temperature. Canada is strange.

I love you all so so so much and love to hear from you whenever you get a chance to write. Have a good week,

-Elder Brown

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