Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Everyone,
This week was pretty stinkin awesome. I guess to start off, our last p-day was super lame and this one is going to be even more lame. Basketball is what i look forward to ALL WEEK and we haven't got to play the last two weeks. Members who live 40+ minutes out of town have signed up for dinner and wanted us over at 5:00. I don't want to sound ungrateful for them letting us come over, just the time is super lame. Luckily the members we're going to tonight is really awesome. It is the bishop's family and tonight we'll be starting a program that Elder Larson and i have come up with called Focus Families. We've prayed and selected 5 families to begin teaching the discussions to. For four consecutive weeks we'll go over once a week and blast through one whole lesson each time in hopefully 30 minutes or less. We are hoping this will not only give us good practice and build members' trust/confidence in us, but hopefully to give them something that they could invite a friend or neighbor too. I think it is a lot easier to invite someone when you say something like,"we're having the missionaries over to teach our family, would you want to come?" than if you said, "will you come to our house so missionaries from our church can teach you?" Ha ha it sounds like you're going to be singled out and interrogated that way. Hopefully the 5 families we've selected will respond well and have people come over.

Another awesome event this week is we were able to have 2 awesome lessons with Kristen. I'm not sure if i said anything about her in my email last week. She is super AWESOME. She knew a member of the other ward in GP from a group on FB and had never met her in person. A few weeks ago E. Larson and his last companion tracted into her and she is now meeting with us. Her friend from the other ward has us meet with Kristen in her home and it really creates the perfect situation for teaching. Last time we taught the restoration and we really had a super spiritual lesson. Right as i was about the recite the first vision her baby started going crazy and i just felt like i needed to wait and get it good and quiet to recite. I think i learned right there more than any other time in my mission, the power of the restoration/first vision. The adversary doesn't want that to be shared, and he definitely doesn't want it shared in an environment and setting condusive to the spirit. To his dismay, it happened and Kristen loved it. We invited her to read and pray and she said she would. I felt a super strong confirmation that she meant it, and it was incredible refreshing. We have our next appointment with her on Wednesday, so hopefully we'll talk to her soon.

We also had a MIRACLE this week. On monday night we stopped in at a less active's house who lives about 50 minutes outside GP. E. Larson had never tried him but the members had been telling the missionaries to go give him a try. So finally last Sunday we called and set up our appointment to go see them. Well their son had his buddy there who is now living with them due to family struggles. As we were sharing the message we asked if he wanted to take the discussions. He said he did and he commited to read and pray. Hold on though, Saturday's appointment got even better. They invited us over for dinner on saturday and they had delicious chinese food there. It reminded me so much of eating at the Royal Jade with the family. Anyway, we got there and Wyatt ( the son's friend) had read every night and had been praying and Colton (the son) and Wyatt invited another friend over to hear the Restoration. We taught and the room just kept getting more and more intense. At the end of the lesson we ended up inviting both the boys to be baptized and the both agreed. Miracle miracle miracle. I am convinced when we say our God is a God of Miracles. Things are rolling here and i really couldn't be happier.

I guess the only damper in my Joy-o-Meter is the drastic drop in temperature. For the last 4 days it has been below -15. This morning when we drove over to the laundromat it was -28, -38 with wind chill. It is freaking COLD!!! Oh well, we bundle up and go to work.

I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you whenever you write.

-Elder Brown

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