Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello everyone,

Well we had quite the record low week this week. It was all because of a flat tire too. How preposterous is that? We had had a slow leek in our tire for the last couple days of last week so we kept filling it up until we had time to take it into the tire place. We finally took it in on Thursday and then we just had to get shuttled around by the other missionaries. They told us we would have it back by that night. We went to dinner and when we got out we had a missed call from the place saying we needed to call them about the car and that it would be ready that night. We called and they said they would call whenever it was done. Well it came up all the way Friday night and we still had no car. Well it wasn't so bad until i needed to conduct TWO baptismal interviews at the stake center. We finally called and i just laid it out and said when are we REALLY going to get our car, and they said Monday. Great. Luckily the Mission Hill elders were patient with us and we were able to go get the interviews done that night. So we went without a car this whole week and it was pretty much just a big joke. We had to cancel 2 lessons with Terry and one with a new investigator because we have no way of getting to edmonton. I was so frustrated.
On a brighter note we were able to see Romeo Bell. We haven't seen him in about 4 months. He was an investigator with a baptismal date when i was serving with Elder Wilde. He was at the member's house who is his child's mother. They're no longer together, but she thought it would be good to have him over. Janice, the mother, had us and our ward mission leader/wife over for dinner and we had a great time. We ended up teaching Romeo the last half of lesson one and i fet like i needed to extend a baptismal committment, but chickened out. I chickened out!!! I have no idea what was wrong with me, but i didn't do it cause it wasn't an official lesson setting. I'm such a wimp. I have asked for forgiveness and we're meeting with him again this week.
That is about it here for us. Things are still going well up here. It is still cold and snowy. I love and miss you all. Have a good week!
Elder M Brown

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