Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011
 Hey everyone,

I am super glad that the week is new and we get to start again. We were able to have a former investigator, Romeo Bell, who I began teaching when I first got here over 6 months ago, begin investigating again and he came to church. It took us weeks to get him to come last time, and we didn't even invite him and he came. His daughter will be baptized as a child of record baptism next month and Janice, his daughter's mom who is a member, said "well if Olivia is going to be baptized that day, why don't we just save water and have the baptism for both Olivia and Romeo." We were pretty floored and excited to think that we could have another baptism here that soon. We'll begin teaching him officially Friday.

 We also had an excellent ward Christmas party here on Saturday night and there were over 15 non members in attendance. We were given a list of members who brought friends and we'll be following up with them this week and hopefully we'll be teaching more people soon. We had to sing as part the priesthood choir, which was pretty unexpected. We did okay though, I think.

 Our mission's Christmas conference was also this week. We began on Friday morning and it went until about 4. We had a really great training from President Campbell urging us to keep going on our companionship studies. We watched some of the PMG DVD’s and he described how powerful they can be if used correctly. We then had a delicious turkey lunch and then had the talent show. It was so stinking funny. I recorded all the acts, so you'll get to see them at some point. Elder Warner wanted to write a funny song about Utah, so we wrote a song together and he played guitar and sang it. It was priceless. It was mainly just joking with the people with the, "Utah is the best place in the world, and everywhere else is dumb" mentality. Ha ha the best part about the whole song was that the elders who do think that way thought the very sarcastic song was literal and they came up afterward and told him how awesome the song was. Ha ha mission accomplished.

 All in all we had a pretty good week. We have some good things coming up on the horizon. We're really shooting for 20 lessons this week, and we think we just might be able to make it. Wish us luck! Love you all,

-Elder Brown

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