Monday, November 21, 2011

Well for news this week, we don’t have a lot except that it is cold. It took a dive down to -31 C with wind chill this last week. The normal for the week was -18. I am so cold all the time! It doesn't help that the heat in our apartment comes for the living room only and our bedroom has a HUGE window in it right above our beds. We've covered it up with a blanket, but it is still stinking cold ha ha. Maybe I’m just being a big baby.
We still weren't able to see Terry this week. He said we couldn't go over one night because he just shampooed his couches so we wouldn't have anywhere to sit. I guess that is a valid reason, but we would've sat on the floor to meet with him....oh well I guess. We also got 5, yes 5 referrals this week. Can you believe that?! I can't either. We're planning on contacting them tomorrow. I can't wait to see if investigators are in our future. I sure hope so. I would love to have a baptism here before I go.

I sure love you all a lot and hope that you're having a good week. Happy Thanksgiving!

-Elder Brown

ps. so Kirk and Brynne are moving to china? What?!

pps. Why was Clayton in California? It seems like the whole family lives on air planes recently!

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