Monday, November 7, 2011

Hello everybody,

Well, pretty darn good week here in St. Albert. We had quite a few pretty sweet events happen, and TONS of planning to execute them. I don't think i've ever planned that much in my life. So to begin the week we had a super fun time on Halloween. We went to the Demetrioffs for dinner and then trick or treated our way home ha ha. I'm just kidding, we just knocked on a few doors, but we did get lots of candy. We just spent the night hanging out and playing board games. The week went by without much by the way of exciting events until Thursday. Missionaries from Ft. McMurray which is 5 hours north came in and stayed with us thursday night so we could go to a Leadership Training Meeting. All leaders in the mission got together and had trainings from the Zone Leaders, Assistants to the President, and President Campbell. I can't believe how awesome the Elders in this mission are. We did an exercise where we were all sitting in two long lines of chairs facing each other and we were given 3 minutes to resolve a concern of one of our investigators. We were told to make sure to not say anything unless prompted to do so. I found myself being WAY more bold than i am usually and found that we as a mission are pretty good teachers. Mission statistics, compared to the area confirm that. We are decent teachers and about 12% of all investigators taught are baptized. The average is about 10% and the area average is roughly 8%. The drawback is we're TERRIBLE finders ha ha. We have one of the lowest new investigator counts in the world. Pretty terrible! The night after the first training all four elders were in our area and we got to do a mini blitz. It was great to have covered so much ground in one night. After that night we went back to the training meeting on Friday and had another great session. Later that night we went on exchanges and we were on exchanges all day Saturday. Ha ha i felt so busy it was crazy. I guess that is really it for this week. Terry's fiancée, Kim, should be home in the next couple weeks and we'll be able to see when they're planning on getting married so we can help Terry get ready for baptism. It will be good whenever we get him there. It has been a long time in the works!

Have a great week. I love you all so much, and hope you're doing well.

-Elder Brown

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