Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Elder Mitch Brown- Canada

Well Hello everyone,

This week was so SLOW! Literally every lesson we had set up with anyone but members fell through and we really just couldn't get it going. I'm not sure what was wrong, maybe it was the fact that we finally took our dip into winter. We got our first snow fall on Wednesday, and the temperature was dropping as fast as the snow flakes! It is pretty cold and i haven't seen it above freezing in about a week now. I guess here comes the last winter i'll spend in canada. So we did have an awesome sabbath though! There was an elder from the Sturgeon ward reporting home from his mission in Las Vegas. He came home and is just fired up. He pretty much called all the members in the ward to repentance, and told them to get working! I'm not that type of guy to just smack people with it, but it was a help to our cause so i appreciated it. We are looking forward to learning from him and using his fire to get the area going a little more. Anyway, we also had an unexpected guest at church. Jordan (formerly "elder") Andrasko showed up at church with a girl from southern edmonton that he is now dating. It was so good to see him again. He is down at BYU and is really loving it there. He's is working on a degree in  economics. It will be great to see him again when i get home.

I guess the only other big news this week is that transfer calls went around this morning and we didn't get one. Elder Warner and i will be staying together for another transfer and that will make it my 5th transfer here (by the end i will have been here just over 7 months). Good thing i love it here! It is nice to know that i'll be able to stay here for christmas now! That's about it for this week. Love you all very much!

-Elder Brown

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