Monday, October 17, 2011

The work is moving along in St. Albert

Hey everyone,
So we had a BIG WEEK this week. Not a lot of things happened so i don't think it'll mean an enormously long letter, but quite a few exciting things. The first exciting thing of the week is that we were able to meet with Terry and had an amazing lesson. He decided after our last lesson that "god knows I know what the rules are." So since we've taught him about the law of chastity, his original reaction was he was TICKED and wasn't willing to do it at all. His feeling towards it now, now that the spirit has worked on him constantly, is he's getting married and preparing for baptism! He has proposed to Kim and they're getting married one of the first weekends in November! How sweet is that?!

The second is we finally got to teach one of our favorite people ever. We have been hanging out a lot with the boyfriend of a member and he has been sort of curious to learn about the church. He asked to be taught and we were happy to agree. I don't think I’ve ever instantly cared so much about someone I’ve taught. I just have such a strong desire for his well-being rather than to get lessons and a baptism. Josh is in a unique situation though because he is still 17 and his parents are VERY anti and have said that if he joins the church they'll pretty much disown him. I can't believe the strength that kid has to just keep on trucking cause he wants to know. Sweet huh?

The third thing is we went to another church this week. It is a non-denominational church that meets in a HUGE building they call "Christ City." It was basically a Christian rock concert and then a pastor spoke. The pastor was pretty boring, but the music was awesome. It was the epitome of a new age christian church though, it had awesome music, you felt good, you left feeling great, there was no commitment, and it was pretty entertaining. The key parts missing were spiritually being uplifted, the priesthood, and some sort of accountability. Besides all those had it all ha ha.

I think that's it for this week. Sure love you all a lot and hope all is well. Hope things are going good for everybody this fall. I hope the Utah fall is as pretty as i remember.

-Elder Brown

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