Monday, October 31, 2011

Today we get an ALL DAY P DAY!!!! YEAH!!! We're pretty excited. So we had some interesting experiences this week. We were able to have 4 less actives at church today. The investigator department is really slow right now, but i've never been so involved in less active work, and it is pretty sweet. We're trying to get referrals now that they're all coming back. One guy who was less active since his confirmation the sunday before i got into the area finally came today. He has been living in Ft. McMurray which is about 5 hours north of Edmonton, and i have just been talking to him on the phone and teaching here and there and he finally came home and came to church. It was pretty awesome.

I also got to interview a woman for baptism on Friday night and it was an INCREDIBLE and spirit felt experience. She was incredibly prepared and had made some huge changes in her life in order to be baptized. She was just glowing and had a amazingly joyful countenance. Her name is Kerri Evans and she has 6 sons that she wants to share the gospel with. We went to her baptism on saturday and she brought her best friend, named James, who was speechless during the majority of the service. We talked to him after and just asked what the thought/felt about the service. He just began to weep and all he could say is that it was beautiful. We were pretty excited, hopefully she'll continue to share and we can begin teaching him the gospel. It is cool to see how one baptism can have a chain reaction. I haven't seen that in my mission until this point.
I think that is really all the exciting parts of the week. We did have a nice cold turn on the last few days and i had to bust out the long sleeve shirts and my p-coat again. I can't believe we're already in this horrible dark winter season again. I miss the sun!!!
Sure love you all and hope to hear from each of you soon. Have a great week, and be good.

-Elder M. Brown

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