Monday, October 3, 2011

Questions Answered via General Conference Messages

Hello All,

What a week! I don't think I can adequately describe how much power I felt from the general authorities this weekend. We watched the majority of the sessions at the Stake Center and I can't think of a time in my whole life where I have been so enthralled by each and every talk. Well..almost every talk.

I gotta tell you the experience I had this conference. We were talking as a district in district meeting on Wednesday how General Conference is the perfect time and place to receive answers to questions asked in prayer. So for the first time in my life I asked 2 specific questions to Heavenly Father and was just simply asking to have maybe just one of them touched on during some time of conference. By the end of the first session my questions had been answered to me over and over throughout just the first few speakers. I was BLOWN AWAY.

Many times I almost felt as though I would go into "the zone" where it was just me and an apostle doing a Q&A. Well I figured if I can get those questions answered, I'd ask a few more. I prayed before the Sunday sessions started to have a few more of my concerns addressed and yet again they were all taken care of by the servants of the Lord. Are they inspired? Yep, I'm pretty sure. So needless to say, conference was a definite highlight. To add to it they sang my favorite church y song during conference, Consider the Lilies. I think that's one of Mom's favorites too, if I remember right. Anyway, when I heard that and then saw Fay singing I was almost brought to tears. It was pretty good.

I guess on to the front of missionary labors, the hits just keep on coming. Terry was planning on attending General Conference and bring TWO friends! Well ten minutes before he called us and got the address and then never showed. He called us about an hour after it ended and told us that he wasn't able to come because of some drama one of the friends he was bringing caused. Yikes.

Our investigator Jasmine is in town, and we can't get a hold of her. She leaves for Ft. McMurray again on Wednesday for another 3 weeks. It is frustrating trying to teach someone you only get to see every so often. I feel like we're always playing catch up. Oh well, we have some really awesome people on the horizon. We were stopped by a girl in her late 20's that just wanted to tell us how jealous of our church's missionary program she was. That was pretty neat and we told her that as missionaries we teach what we believe and she accepted. She was very sweet and felt bad that our church has gotten such a false image portrayed of it. We invited her to watch conference with us, and we're meeting with her on Wednesday! How sweet is that? We're excited.

The other big news is that Elder Wilkerson has been transferred! I am finally going to be in an area for 6 months! YAY! An elder I've been around a lot, Elder Warner, is going to be my new companion. I am so so so excited and ready for this wonderful change. Anyway, that is about all for this week. I love you all so much, and am anxious to talk to you in a few months. Be good, and stay strong.

-Elder M. Brown

ps. I hit my 16 month mark yesterday! SCARY stuff.

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