Monday, September 19, 2011

Good and Bad

We had a pretty rough but exciting week here. I guess I’ll start off with the bad news. We had another lesson with Terry and he isn't really willing to change or work towards the goal of changing. It is looking like we're going to have to drop our only investigator. I received training from the Zone Leaders early in my mission about teaching only those that will receive you (i.e. people who are ready to listen and make commitments). I don't feel that Terry is receiving us as representatives of the Lord and as such we need to spend the time we would be spending with him on someone that will listen and prepare for baptism. It is so hard for me to do that, but I guess it is a test of faith that the Lord has blessed our companionship with. Hopefully as we do what the Lord has asked, we'll reap some of the obedience rewards. Ideally it would be in the form of a truckload of people to teach, but I don't call the shots around here.

The good news we had this week is we were able to have a great stake conference in the Edmonton Alberta North Stake. Elder Rhodes (formerly President Rhodes from this mission, the mission president who gave me my first interview) came and spoke and reorganized the stake here. They had been in for ten years and the time was up for them. We got to hear from all the incoming and outgoing stake presidency members and from Elder Rhodes and Elder Robbins of the 70. It was a great opportunity to hear from such amazingly powerful men. Before the conference the whole zone of missionaries came early to the stake center with loads of invitations to general conference. As all the people coming in to stake conference passed, each got a couple invitations to give to friends/family. I'm proud to say that idea was thought up in my districts district meeting last week. It is great to be surrounded by elders who are trusted and ready to do the work.

Things are good. Elder Wilkerson and I are working out our differences and learning to tolerate each other. I still don't think he understands most of the jokes or comments that I say. Sarcasm isn't something that he's ever been around. Oh well. I sure love you all a lot and hope to hear from you soon. Have a great week, and be good.

Good luck mom and dad!

-Elder M. Brown

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