Monday, August 15, 2011

Nothing too exciting this week.

Hello everyone,

This week was pretty unadorned with flashy or exciting events. We had lots of bails and lots of no shows ha ha. I guess that is pretty par for the life of a missionary. We prepared, prepared, prepared TWICE for a lesson with Terry to teach the Law of Chastity. Twice both my companion and I felt the prompting to not teach it and focus on the Restoration. We taught about the book of Mormon, and the first time we taught about it we either totally blew it or Terry wasn't listening. He didn't understand ANYTHING about the book of Mormon. We realized then that if we taught the Law  of Chastity his conversion wouldn't be strong enough to accept a commandment of that nature. He is supposed to be getting baptized this Saturday, but we'll have to push it back due to him and Kim still living together unmarried. Ha ha frustrating....

I am glad Grandma is in her new place. I hope that it is suitable to her needs, and is good for the family as well. So is it possible to get something of grandpa's to have? I don't know what I would take, but it would be nice to just have something. Anything would be good. Whether you send it here or just save it for me, that would be awesome. Are his scriptures already taken?

I loved the pictures and am glad that the funeral and everything else went well. I sure love you all a lot and hope to have more things to write about next week. Please pray that we can find some people to teach!!!

Elder Brown

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