Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Week!

So this week was pretty stinking amazing. I really don't have adequate words to describe. I guess i can just try to go over the highlights. So we started out this week with a pretty slow and depressing first couple days. On Thursday we had a mission wide leadership meeting where Elder Golden of the 1st quorum of the 70 came and spoke to us about doing the right thing and being willing to do work in the Lord's way. He shared some amazing experiences from other missions he's visited and it just made me want to work all day/night and never miss a chance to talk to someone. I also got to see Elder Taylor (my second companion in Olds) and he is heading home on Wednesday! Elder Andrasko also goes home Wednesday. It will be so strange to have so many of the people i've served with going home. I'm going to miss them a lot. Anyway, Friday we had mission tour with 3 zones of missionaries and it was again with Elder Golden. He had a whole big lesson plan and he ended up speaking for 3 hours about Christ's mission and earthly ministry. I usually have a hard time listening for more than a sacrament meeting's worth of talking....but for three hours i was on the edge of my seat just waiting for more information to come. I don't think i've ever felt so much love for the Savior. I have recently been studying about the Atonement and trying to understand the reasons and the meaning behind it and i had SO MANY questions answered by Elder Golden. It truly was an amazing experience. After mission tour each companionship in the mission got their portably DVD players. We each got one so we could watch the Preach My Gospel DVDs for companionship study. If you've never heard of them you should go to the distribution center, buy them, and watch them. They're amazing! We watched just a few segments and i just realized how much more i could get out of this mission experience and how much more i need to treasure it while it lasts. I also realized that i don't have very much time left, and i need to make it all count! Time to dig in and REALLY get to work. The last cool thing that happened was we got to teach a new investigator. Her name is Jasmine and she is from Mexico. We taught L3 in our first visit and ended up setting a baptismal date for October 1st. Terry is still doing well, and we're hoping to reset his date this week. Please pray for these wonderful people.

One cool thing that happened this week, but wasn't very spiritual, was that we got to help some members build a cobblestone pathway. The member taught us how to do it so maybe be picking out a place to build one in the yard and i can build it ha ha. Anyway i took pictures so i'll send them to you when i send my card down. Love you lots, talk to you soon!

-Elder M. Brown

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  1. I LOVE your enthusiasm for missionary work! You're amazing and inspiring. Today in our RS lesson about The Sacrament and the Sabbath Day (a talk given by Elder Perry in May 2011 Gen Conf) our teacher talked about how you missionaries are asked to pretty much make every day like the Sabbath. Your work is consecrated to the Lord on every day. You dress appropriately to not hinder the Spirit, you read and study your scriptures and the words of our prophets living and dead, you pray, you serve. Your thoughts and actions are focused towards Him every day. She challenged us to at least ONCE/week make our lives as focused towards Him. Thanks for the great example. I'm trying! Love you Elder! Auntie Fay