Monday, July 25, 2011

A Challenging Week

Hello Everyone,

What a giant lesson I learned this week. I could not believe the amount of pride I was able to see this week. We spent practically all day Saturday in one of the richest areas here in St. Albert and it truly showed. We had 2 people in about 5 hours who let us get past our names and what church we were from. Of those two people, one took a Family Proc, and the other thought we were Jehovah’s witnesses and when she found out we weren't, told us to go away. I honestly couldn't believe how hard the soil was where we were trying to plant seeds that day. I would be very surprised if even one person remembered we stopped by. We tried hard again this week to do a lot of finding but it seems that it was again to no avail.

Our ZL's came to our district meeting and trained on having the faith to find, and we're working hard to have it but it is slow in coming. Hopefully we can find it and we can receive some new investigators from it. As for now we were only able to meet with Terry this week, but we did so at our ward mission leader’s house and had a great lesson. We taught Terry's GF, Kim, as well who has recently lost her Sister, mother, and grandparents. We talked all about the plan of salvation and she was weeping by the end which we hoped was a good sign. We asked her if she would be interested in learning more and she said "nope, not at all." We gotta be doing something wrong ha ha. We also have begun our teaching tour of all the auxiliaries this week and began in Young Mens. Holy crud that's a tough crowd. We maybe got 2 words out of each the young men there. Next up is the High Priests, so if you have any ideas how to get those old guys going, let me know. What stuff would you want to hear, Dad?

We spent a significant amount of time just meeting with members this week and challenging/inviting them to pray and talk as a family about a goal that they feel they can set to accomplish in missionary work. I hope and pray that this will do SOMETHING.

Anyway I love you all a lot and hope that you're all having fun and are happy. Be good, and have a great week.

-Elder Brown

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