Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey Everyone,

Well dang, we had quite the week of cancellations this week. I guess they weren't quite cancellations, just lack of desire from our investigators to meet with us this week. James Phillips, the man from the phillipines, was the only one who met with us this week. We taught the first half of the plan of Salvation, but were really rushed because we had a dinner out of town to go to. We talked a lot about the premortal life and our purpose here on earth. He really was touched by the thought that we have a real loving heavenly Father and that we do know Him. He said "it is so wonderful to learn things beyond just going to church. All i've ever learned is to just go to church." He told us how he had never heard this before, but that it was something he had thought about many times. It is so awesome to see him progress and how much humility and real intent he has. I got a call from Erica this week again and she just told me how happy she felt this week and how thrilled she was that i got permission to come back so i could baptize her. I feel the same! I'm stinkin thrilled. We got to spend a lot of time with less active members this week. We met a guy named Sean Segin who loved Elder Andrasko, my trainer, and when we met him he told me that Elder A. had called him and told him all about me. He told me i was just like my "dad." He is a funny guy and really really loves sports. We talked basketball for like 25 minutes, which was pretty sweet. He has been baptized for almost ten years now, and has only spent about 2 years active in the church. He is getting married this upcoming month and really wants to come back to church and wants to see his wife get baptized as well. Hopefully, if we play our cards right and we get a little heavenly help we could have a great new investigator pretty quick. Besides that we haven't been able to do too much. We have been doing our best to serve the ward and gain enough trust to get us some referrals. It hasn't worked so far, but hopefully the ball will get rolling soon. The ward here is great and church this week was quite the experience. By the way, we had a member take a picture of my companion and i and send it to Mom's phone. Did you get it, mom? Anyway, as we were walking into the chapel, Brother Sikstrom of the bishopric, came up and asked if i would bear testimony as the new missionary in the ward. I said sure and went on my way. He caught up to me down the aisle and said, "and could you also tack on maybe 5-10 minutes of a message that you'd like to share with the ward. Just show them how good of a teacher you are the the referrals will pour in!" Ha ha...oh man. So with roughly 3 minutes notice i was giving one of two talks in sacrament meeting. I guess i did a crappy job because i didn't get any referrals. Anyway, it was a good learning experience. Things are going really well here and i really enjoy serving with Elder Wilde. He will be home in mid-July so maybe you guys could go down and meet him or something.. Seeing as he has just spent the last 6 weeks with me, it'll be just like talking to me! He is a good guy, and i'm sure you'd love him. That about wraps up this week and all our exciting events. I hope all is well back in the homeland, and that everyone is happy and healthy. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

-Elder M. Brown

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