Monday, June 6, 2011

Great Week in St. Albert

Hey everyone!

Greetings from St. Albert, Alberta. This has really been a great week and we have been doing work this week. We have had some major miracles and it has really taught me that if we are willing to be 100% obedient and just work your hardest, the Lord provides so many opportunities. We spent the majority of Friday and Saturday just finding people and we were able to give out 5 copies of the book of Mormon, but no return appointments.. We did get to see our two investigators here with a baptismal date. It is such a sigh of relief when you get to go into an area where there is work. This really is the first area since Olds that i have gone into that has even one investigator.
I can proudly say that I left Nottingham a lot better than when I got there. Please still pray for Erica, back in Sherwood Park, and pray for her baptism to go through on the 18th! Anyway, our leading investigator is named James Phillips and is here on a work permit from the Philippines. He is an awesome guy and came here to Canada and prayed he would find a church to join. He came in the dead of winter and didn't really go out looking and when the spring finally came he said that he started praying for that again. About a month ago Elder Wilde and Bodine(who was here before me) stopped him on his bike on his way to work and set up a lesson with him. He acknowledges that his prayers have been answered and his baptismal date is set for the 25th of June. We also are teaching Romeo, who is from Jamaica and is the father of one of the member's daughter. She has since been baptized and now he wants to take the lessons. They aren't married and are living together until he can find work. Hopefully one or the other will change. Anyway, he has a baptismal date for the 18th, but we found out last night that he can't that will make daily reading of the book of Mormon a little difficult.
The awesome part about it is when I was in Forest Heights a member gave me the whole BoM on CD and i don't ever use it/want it. So this is the perfect opportunity to use it to someone's benefit. I really like it here. We have a few more investigators that are a little less solid, so we'll see how much longer we'll be meeting with them.
Our apartment is pretty nice. Yet again, i moved into an old missionary apartment where things have been hoarded and uncleaned for a long time. I guess that it's my job as a missionary to clean up after other people's hoardiness. Yikes. It is a nice apartment, but really little. Luckily we don't spend much time there. Anyway, i love you all and hope you have a good week. Be good!
-Elder Brown

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