Tuesday, May 24, 2011


May 24, 2011

Hello err'body!

Sorry about not emailing yesterday, we were stuck moving all day and had a few hour break to go into the city to play some ball. It was a great break, but it didn't seem long enough. Tell Kirk and Aaron to watch out because my one footed fade-away jumper is getting good. A member in our ward is a basketball coach and he had us watch Dirk Nowitski do that shot about a thousand times, so i thought i'd try it out. In all actuality i got swatted tons, so hopefully it'll get better. One of the missionaries serving around me gave me a workout plan that is called Air Alert which is supposed to give you up to 10 inches additional in your vertical leap....It takes six weeks, so i'll let you know if it works. He says its good cardio too, so maybe i'll be able to loose a little more weight.

Anyway, on to the missionary-ish stuff. This week was especially special. We were able to meet with Erica twice this week and Cameron twice. We finally were able to extend a date to Erica! On Wednesday we had been praying pretty hard to know what to do and we told her that with Cameron's baptism coming up that she should come and see what it is like to be baptized. We challenged her to have a date in mind to think about as she watched cameron being baptized. We challenged her to June 18th and she reluctantly said "i'll think about it." A little down trodden and defeated, we came out of the appointment and agreed that neither of us had ever been so lead by the spirit while teaching. Both of us had scriptures coming out of the woodworks to help resolve these important concerns she had. After all of them had been done away with, she sighed and admitted, "i have just gotta do it." As our next lesson came up on Friday we were just hoping and praying we would know what to say to her to follow up on our committment, and we had a major miracle. She started up right as we sat down, with some members we brought, with all of her big concerns and everything that would be stopping her from baptism. So many people i have taught have pretty much had to have those things forced out of them. She was really willing to be open with us and it relaly helped. We were able to talk her through pretty much everything new this time, and just reviewed the things we had talked about the previous lesson. She was very relieved and we promised her that she would recieve her answer about being baptized on the 18th while at the baptism of Cameron. I don't know where the promise came from because i had no intention of giving her a promise i had no control over. The following night and morning were some of the most desperate and most pleading prayers i've ever offered. I just wanted her to know so bad. Well the baptism came and it was a wonderful service. He had a lot of family there and the ward was super supportive. Ha ha thankfully in that aspect they were because all of the planning and setting up had to be done by us which was a little frustrating. So...Erica came to the baptism and told us that she got her answer and that she was going to talk to her husband. Well at first he said he didn't understand why she needed to and he came off a little against it. Then within a few hours he asked her if she could just explain to him why she wanted to and he'd be okay with it. Well she said she didn't know how and he said, "well maybe the Elders could tell me?" Hopefully we'll get the chance this week. But as for now, Erica is going to be baptized June 18th! We are very very very excited and so thankful that our Heavenly Father backed us up on our promise. I guess we really were teaching by the spirit that lesson, or the big guy is just very merciful. Anyway, the work is going forward and we're trying. Our new apartment is sweet! I'll send a picture or two later.

Have a wonderful week and i love you all!

-Elder M. Brown

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