Monday, April 4, 2011

Loved General Conference Weekend!

That really really was a great conference weekend. We spent our first two sessions on Saturday watching it at the members home who the Clarkdale missionaries live with. They are the Harkers and they are awesome people. We got to watch conference on nice comfortable couches and they brought us snacks and all kinds of good stuff. It was a great two sessions. Then for priesthood one of the ward missionaries took us into the Bonnie Doon stake center to watch it. I sat by about 10 other missionaries and felt almost like i was with family. I love all these guys out here, and really appreciate all their examples. For the Sunday sessions we went into the stake center again and had lunch in between sessions with a member from Forest Heights who i really liked. It was good seeing them again. I really loved Elder Bednar and Elder Scott's talks. Ha ha I’ll look forward to finding a wife when I get home after that talk. Not too important right now though :).
Anyway, besides that we had a pretty good week. We had zone conference this week in which we talked about working with members to get referrals and to teach those are around us. I hope that we can get our member work going good in the next few weeks. So we hadn't heard from Erica in about a week and a half and she called us half way through zone conference and asked if we could come over that day just 1 hour after zone conference. We rushed to find some members to come with us and we found who we needed and went. Before we taught the lesson, which was going to be the Plan of Salvation, she told us that she had had her friends from B.C. over for the time that we were out of contact with her because her friend had just had a miscarriage. She was incredibly upset and went to church later that week after her miscarriage only to have her pastor tell her that her baby was lost, and they would never be reunited. Erica and her friend both were pretty distraught from that and wanted to consult us on the issue. Erica told her friend to meet with the missionaries in her area back in B.C. and to ask her those questions. She is now meeting with the missionaries in Dawson's Creek, B.C. which is part of our mission. So we got on to the lesson and talked to her about the premortal life and our purpose here on earth. We focused a lot on eternal families and baptism. We challenged her to be baptized and she excitedly said yes, but she couldn't put a date on it. Due to her husband, she didn't want to create contention but she promised that she would be baptized soon. I really hope and pray that i will be here for that. She called us in between session and Saturday and said, "I just wanted to call and tell you i have been doing my homework, and i have been watching conference. I LOVE it and can't wait to watch the rest." She is probably the most prepared individual i have ever met to receive the gospel. It is always so uplifting and spiritual teaching her.

Anyway, only a few more weeks until I get to talk to you and hopefully see all of you again. Have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon. I love you all so much.

-Elder Brown

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