Wednesday, March 16, 2011

News from Nottingham Ward

Well hello Everyone,

This week has got to be one of the most miracle heavy weeks i have had on my mission so far. We got our transfer call a week ago today and i was very very very upset to be leaving Forest Heights so soon. I had really not improved the area at all since i had gotten there, and i hated to leave the ward in the same shape that i got there in. When i left we had just found 1 new investigator, but still the area was relatively slow. Then upon arriving in Nottingham, i was informed that this ward didn't even have that going on. I would have thought that if it was the home ward of our mission president they'd be baptizing all the time. Apparently, that wasn't even close to the case. Not only have they not baptized in over a year, but President Campbell told me that they haven't had even ONE investigator in almost 9 about a slow area. Here is where the cool stuff started happening. Our first day here we went and knocked some doors and 9 out of 11 doors we knocked let us in and wanted to talk to us. Only one wanted to set a return appointment, but that was still a shocking event. After that we went on splits with the ward. I went tracting with a young man from the ward and Elder Brideau went with our ward mission leader brother Thompson to try some potentials. The young man, Josh, and i had two more people let us in in the hour of tracting we did together. Elder Brideau went and talked to a lady who was a media referral and she wanted us back the next morning bright and early. So the next morning we went and took Bro. Thompson and we taught the Restoration to her. Here name is Erica and she is probably one of the most prepared people i have ever met. She asked us all the right questions, and she is now reading the book of Mormon tenaciously and praying. She is nervous to come to church with her child because she thinks she will get judged because it'd look like she was a single mom. In actuality, her husband just won't take her to church, so she is nervous to come alone. Erica is probably late 20's and has just one cute little daughter. She is the nicest lady, and is very honest about her answers to our questions. Anyway, we are going to take to RS sisters over there with us on Tuesday and teach the Plan of Salvation and hopefully invite her out to the RS activity and church the following week. I can't wait to continue teaching her. The next miracle came on Friday night when we went over to the Orr's for what we thought would just be a member lesson. When we arrived, the Orr's non member granddaughter, and less active son were there and hoping to talk to us a little bit. We ended up teaching the whole third lesson (Gospel of Jesus Christ) and asking if we could teach them all the lessons. They both agreed and are both now reading and praying. Alana, the granddaughter and our other new investigator, is very very analytical but very honest. She is 15 and will probably have a hard time recognizing the spirit. I hope for the best for these two AWESOME girls. We told President Campbell about our success this past week and he was ecstatic. It was a very very good feeling. I might of already told you this but when Pres. called to give me my transfer call he said, "I'm leaving it up to you, Elder Brown, to bring the fire back to Nottingham. It has been dead for a while and it's up to you to bring it back." I hope we can do that and have a lot of stuff going on here. I am liking it so far and hope to continue to grow close to the ward.

It is still kinda sad leaving Forest Heights though. I was very very close to our district leader there, Elder Frazier. I think he and I are going to both go to SUU and room together which would be sweet. He is a full Navajo kid and just a super good friend and hard worker. I miss that ward really bad. I also really miss the Dyers. Please stay in contact with them, because they really are such amazing people. They're son might be going to St. George at some point so keep an eye out for him.

I love you all so much and have missed you even more this week because of the big changes. It seems like every time i start getting attached to a ward, they send me away. Ha ha hopefully I'll be here for a while.
Hey we had to come back to do some paper work and i remembered that i hadn't already told you about the coolest thing that happened this week. Elder D. Todd Christopherson came to our mission!!! He was up here for some reason, and called President Campbell and informed him that he wanted to come visit our mission. The whole mission came in for the special conference and we got to see everyone at one time. It was an amazing conference. He talked for about 10 minutes then opened it up to questions from the missionaries. There were some good questions and he spoke mostly about the book of Mormon. He talked a TON about how so many missionaries that are amazing in the field will come home and slow down in their spiritual progression. He said that a lot of them will fall back in to old habits, stop reading scriptures daily, stop praying with their spouse or family, and much more. It was amazing to hear how much love he has for the gospel, and especially the book of Mormon. He said that we should be so familiar with the book of Mormon, and love it enough, to be able to resolve any concern, teach any principle, and answer any question. Ha ha i hope to be able to get to that point sometime. It really was an amazing opportunity to just listen to an apostle of the Lord, and to get to know him.
Anyway, i love you lots. Be good.

-Elder Brown

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