Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Times in Nottingham

Hello everyone,

We had an amazing week this week. We taught all 3 of our investigators and had a great time doing it. Erica is doing very very well and she is progressing at her own speed. She was planning on coming to church this week, but her husband had objections I guess. We were pretty upset about that, but we called her and had a good conversation and she is looking forward to our weekly lessons on Tuesday afternoons. She is amazing and really really wants the gospel for herself, and her little family.

We taught Alana this week also and it was a gong show. There were so many distractions. She was texting, her mom and sister were having a tickle fight in the kitchen, the dog was barking, people kept coming in and out......it was a rough lesson. Brother Orr, her grandfather, asked her what she got out of the lesson and she honestly said, "nothing." Ha ha looks like we'll be going over lesson one again. If any of you have any ideas on how to communicate to a 14 year old girl, let us know. We are stumped.

We really are trying hard to find more people to teach, but our tracting efforts this week were pretty fruitless. We did find one lady whose son is the bass guitarist for the band of another kid in our ward. She attends a bible study class, but doesn't feel comfortable and welcome at any church she has been to. We saw her again yesterday on the street, and she reminded us of our appointment with her. Her name is Yvette and she reminds me a ton of Mom. She's a sweet lady. Anyway, the highlight of our week was Elder Brideau's birthday! President and Sister Campbell had us over for dinner for the occasion. It was so interesting, but awesome to get to know the Campbells as people not as mission president and wife. They are such a sweet family and just really love life. I love being here in the Nottingham ward and being able to just observe Pres. Campbell. Hopefully this will be just what i need to boost my spirituality. He is a an amazing guy.

I love you all and miss you a bunch. Have a good week, and i'll talk to you in a few weeks!

-Elder Brown

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