Monday, February 28, 2011


Ha ha this week has probably been one of the record SLOWEST weeks of all time. We almost had all zeros for our numbers that we reported this week.. I feel like such a lazy, and crappy missionary. I guess I can blame a part of it on the horrid weather we have had this week. With wind chill 3 days have been lower than -40 and the rest have been less that -30. So this is our week without the car and we really can't get around. On top of that our appointments with Madi, Madeline, and the twins all fell through. Sharron didn't want to or "couldn't" meet with us this week so I guess we'll just try to pick ourselves back up and get back out there. Any ideas for finding anyone?

I guess the highlight of my week came Wednesday afternoon. We were with the Downtown missionaries at the City Center library which is always just packed with people. We were sitting at a table upstairs and waiting for one of their super crazy investigators. So we waited and waited and waited and finally called him and he informed us that he had completely forgot and that he would hurry and be there asap. So we just pulled out or copies of the Book of Mormon and started reading. Not 3 minutes later a native guy came up and asked if we were mormon missionaries and said he felt like he needed to come talk to us. He said he had felt the presence of christ in himself, and we explained to him that he had felt the spirit very strongly. He shared and experience with us in which his friend invited him over and got very very altered with alcohol and tried to beat his children. The man we talked to took the drunk guys kids out of the house and protected them and he said he felt it was the right thing to do. There was a lot more to the story, but i can't really describe how much more he said. Anyway, he said he felt very strongly that God was happy with his actions. So we talked to him and i realized that native people really do have such a strong connection to the spirit, but also they just have been made weak by their living conditions. So we taught him for about an hour all about the restoration and the book of mormon and how it is a record of his ancestors. He was pretty receptive and we turned him over to the missionaries in his area. We stood up after teaching him and went downstairs to meet the investigator who originally was waiting for us to come to meet him. So as we were walking down the stairs, a guy came over to us and said, " wouldn't happen to be mormon embassadors would you?" He was about our age and a very clean cut good looking guy and he just said he had a few questions. So we sent elder mahe and elder acheson down to talk to the investigator waiting and Elder Frazier and i stayed and talk to this man. We asked him if he would like to sit down and he said he'd love to. So we sat down and he asked the best questions i have ever heard. From a missionary perspective, everything he said was just like music to my ears. He said, "in my studies it seems like from just a few years after christs death to about the 1800's something in religion changed. How do you guys explain that?" and "So it just seems to me that tons of religions pick on you in particular, why is that?" and my favorite, "i was baptized, but i honestly don't know who gave my pastor the authority to do that? Doesn't it say in the bible that the authority has to be passed on by the laying on of hands like Jesus Christ did to his apostles?" We were so so so excited and he was very excited about the Book of Mormon. We are teaching Matt again this week, but regrettably he is YSA age so we have to turn him over to the sisters in the Kingsway ward. He is SOOOOO prepared.

I guess that about wraps up our week out here in the frozen wasteland. I love you all so much and hope all is well with you. Be good, stay strong, share those testimonies. I know you all have them.

-Elder Brown

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  1. Golden, golden! I love that you listen so closely to the spirit when you are on a mission and the Lord just leads you to be where you should be talking to who needs you at that particular moment. Can't wait to hear the follow up on that guy!