Monday, January 17, 2011


January 17, 2011

Hello everyone!

That picture in Guyana is super awesome! Good work parents! Makes me a proud son to see my missionary parents tearing it up. I guess the feeling of being proud goes both ways. Anyways, I got my glasses this week and I was going to send you a picture of them, but I completely forgot to get my camera cord so I could send one. Maybe next week. Just to give you a little bit of a taste of what they look like, look at a picture of Harold B. Lee and you'll get the idea. They are pretty much identical to his.

This week has been SO EVENTFUL in almost every way except missionary work. Last Tuesday Sister Dyer sat us down as we came home for the evening and informed us that Allison, their daughter, is pregnant and needs to move home. Her husband, Ray, is heading back down to the states today so that he can find some work and start saving for the baby. Allison is still waiting for her papers to come through so that she can also get into the states at some point in time. So in response to that, she needs our bedroom and we have to get kicked out. Sister Woodruff, our housing coordinator, has found us a temporary basement suite that has been "newly remodeled"......we haven't seen it yet, but I pray it isn't another place like the Olds apartment. I don't know if I could do that again. So hopefully we will be able to move tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, the Dyer's (Rob and Grace) had been planning to go to B.C. to go on a little vacation and so they will be gone until this coming Saturday. Most likely we will have been long gone by the time they come home. It has been a really really sad experience because I have gotten super attached to the Dyers and it is almost like leaving my family all over again.

The next crazy event is that Jeanie Bishop, the lady I think I told you about with breast cancer told us she has to have a mastectomy. She is a quite recent convert and is still battling an addiction to coffee and smoking, and since i have been here she has done very well. Upon receiving this news, all that hard work was kinda pushed aside and she is smoking and drinking coffee lots now....dang it. So hopefully we can continue to help her.

The other thing that has added more stress is the ridiculous weather. It hasn't been above -30 Celsius in about a week. It has snowed about 18 CM in Edmonton and it just keeps coming. The weather report says that it should warm up to around -7 by Wednesday and that will be a wonderful thing! As far as weather goes, we aren't supposed to leave our apartments past -30 unless for a scheduled appointment. Past -40 we stay in our apartment regardless of what our plans are. So...seeing as how we really haven't been able to leave too often, our already slow area isn't getting any better.

All in all it has been a pretty frustrating week. Anyway, I love you all and think of you each and every day. I love the footprints banner and the Christmas pictures you have sent. They hang in each apartment I go to. I can't wait to hear from you all, be good!

-Elder Brown

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