Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

     Yes I got the chocolate pizza and love it!!! It was super delicious, especially because it had real Oreos in it and Canadian Oreos aren't so great. At least they tasted like real American Oreos. The missionaries serving around me also got a taste and loved it!

     So this week really hasn't brought any huge turn of events. We received some pretty solid referrals from the Downtown missionaries and we have plans to try to visit them and get some new investigators next week. We also saw George again this week and he wanted a Book of Mormon so we brought him one. He was pretty excited and asked us to come back in a few days when he comes back from Calgary. This week we did a lot of member lessons and talked a lot about the members' responsibility to find. I felt pretty guilty telling them it was their responsibility because I feel like I am the missionary and that is my job. The interesting part about it is that it really isn't; we are set apart only to teach. Ha ha I know that it would really never happen that all we would do all day is teach, teach teach...but we can dream I guess. I do enjoy finding people though, whether it be street contacting or knocking doors. I feel a strong responsibility to do what I can to find people before I "guilt" the members into doing it for us. Hopefully I can get Elder Blake out there and we can just dig in and get it done. It is a good thing we get along so well as friends or else this would be pretty hard.
     Anyway, besides all that, things are going pretty decent. There are only 2 weeks left in the transfer and I think it will be E. Blake's last one here. I am wondering if they won't take the other set of missionaries out of the ward also at the end of the transfer. It is pretty likely that if they do they will send E. Blake and E. Keck (downtown Forest Heights missionary) away because they have been here the longest and then they will make E. Frazier ( the other downtown missionary) my companion. That would be a very very great event. Elder Frazier is from Blanding right near the Navajo reservation. He is full Navajo and he is one of the hardest working missionaries I know. I would love to serve with him.
Well I love you all and am so glad to her my sis is okay and glad to hear that you got the car situation worked out so quickly. I hope that you guys can toughen up a little bit and see what it is like tracting in -22 Celsius (--7 Fahrenheit). I love you all and miss you so much and hope that this week is better for everyone.
     Be good!
-Elder Brown

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