Monday, December 13, 2010


Hey Everyone,
Still not too much to write this week. Transfers were this week but nobody in our District is changing. Elder Blake and I will be staying here for Christmas which is....good I guess. I am really kinda struggling with Elder Blake. He is an awesome guy, super fun to be around but is not really willing to work at all. It is pretty exhausting to push 100% of the work load every day. He has a real vendetta against finding (like tracting or street contacting) so it is hard to get out there and do. Really, because we have no investigators, it is all we have to do. We have plans this week to visit our ward missionaries and get some real work going hopefully, so I'll update you on that next week. I hope that everything is going well at home. I can't wait to talk to you in 2 weeks. Oh I have permission to call on Christmas Eve if that works better. I love you all so much,

Elder Brown

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