Monday, November 8, 2010

Loving it in Edmonton!

This new area is amazing. I have taken tons of pictures and this super busy area feels just like home. I think I will have to live here at some point in my life. I LOVE THE CITY! I miss Olds very much, but it was wonderful to get some emails from members of the ward that said they would miss me. I guess my email got passed around very quickly, and i got quite a few emails from members. Elder Blake is my new companion, and he is from St. George. He and I have a great time talking about funny St. George stories. I really miss our little place down there. Have you been down there at all lately? Any plans to get there?

I will write more next week when we have kinda established ourselves and I've settled in a little bit. We did find two new investigators my first day here though. Their name is the Beisel's. It is twin boys named Jared and Randy, and they are about 20. They have been friends with missionaries for years, but they asked us if we could teach them. I was pretty excited. We will be meeting with them tonight. Things are going great! I love you all and i miss you tons.
Talk to you soon, Elder Brown

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