Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy Week

November 29, 2010
Hello all! We have had quite the week this week. This week in Edmonton was the Grey Cup which is the lame Canadian equivalent of the Superbowl. There was practically no hype at all! For 3 or so days before the Cup yesterday there were some pretty cool displays and games in Churchill square. They also set up a mini football stadium and had a HUGE flag football tournament. We asked if we could change P-Day to Saturday so that we could play in it and he said no. Too bad because Americans playing Canadian football dominate. The team from Montreal won and they were also the winners last year. The game was an upset because the Saskatchewan Rough Riders were the favorite to win. Either way, we didn't get to watch any of it which would have been pretty fun.
Besides that, it has warmed up the last few days which has been wonderful. It has been hovering right around -10 which is a breath of fresh air compared to -30. I really am loving the city now and am beginning to feel comfortable in my knowledge of the area and how to get everywhere. The bus system here is amazing, and we have bus passes every other week. We are on a car share with the Elders from Connor's Hill. We switch back and forth between having a car and having bus passes. I like riding the bus because we can still sit by and talk to people on our way to DT.

We also had a small miracle happen this week that was pretty amazing. Apparently there was a really solid investigator before I got here named Dave Wilburn but they brought a member to the lesson who was a little pushy and decided it was his duty as a member missionary to forcefully take all the man's smoking paraphernalia and walk out the door with it. That is super super not allowed, and the member went ahead and did it. Needless to say, Dave was pretty mad and refused to meet with us anymore. As you know we have been struggling to find people to teach, but during our dinner on Wednesday night, Dave called and asked if he could meet with us again! We are so excited and we are meeting with him tomorrow night! We also have an appointment with the twins this evening.

We also recieved some bad news this week. One of the recent converts in the ward who we have been teaching the last couple weeks informed us that she had breast cancer. She went in for her yearly check up and she said that it wasn't terminal, and it is super early in the process but it is cancer nonetheless. She wants to have a cancer party to signify that it isn't terminal though. She is the sweetest lady. She saw us in church and gave both Elder blake and I big hugs...which is kinda not allowed ha ha. I didn't agree to it.

Man I keep remembering things that happened this week. We had quite the eventful morning Friday morning. A lady in the ward, Sister Kramps called Elder blake and just ran him through, and yelled at him. She is known for being crazy and is really just a loose cannon. The Dyer's who we live with just explained her history and said that we didn't need to worry about anything. We were scheduled to go over there for Christmas eve and Brother Dyer sat us down and just said, "you aren't going over there." We were very worried because really I just want to feel at home on Christmas, I think just like any other missionary and there is nothing like home in that house. It is the worst!

When Brother Dyer told us not to go there, he just said that his house was our sanctuary and that we were going over to their house for Christmas eve. I love the Dyers and I really am excited to be with them on the holidays. I wish I was still home with my family though. I miss everyone so bad! I love you all and can't wait to talk to you in a few weeks.

-Elder Brown

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