Saturday, October 30, 2010


25 October 2010

Hello everyone,

This week has been quite an amazing week. I absolutely loved seeing someone we have been teaching get baptized. Danny Webster got baptised on Saturday and he was just loving it. The coolest part about it is that he asked be to confirm him/give him the HG. I was honored but super nervous. I was more nervous to do that than I was when I gave that talk in Stake

I walked up there and started talking and the farther I got into the blessing, I just got more and more shaky. By the end our ward mission leader, Brother Mills, said it felt like I was vibrating. The coolest part of the whole experience is that right as I said amen all of it went away and I just felt exhausted. Who knew feeling the Holy Ghost could wear you out so fast?! I walked back to my seat and just collapsed into the bench. Danny loved it and wanted to come teaching with us as soon as possible.

We decided that it would be good for Joseph to see someone who had just got dunked to shove him in the right direction. So only a few hours after becoming a member of the church, he was out teaching with us. He was right in the thick of things and bearing strong testimony of the restoration and the Book of Mormon. He is such a solid guy, and I know that he will really continue to grow and flourish in the gospel.
Besides that awesome event, transfers are coming up this next week. I could be leaving a week from Wednesday, and we will find out a week from today. I really would love to stay here at least two more transfers and spend Christmas here in Olds. I want to spend the time with these awesome people who I have already grown to love. I love this ward, and I think it would be pretty difficult to get to know and start to get comfortable with a whole new ward just a few months before the holidays.

I am loving being out here and just talking about the things that make me happy. I couldn't keep track of all the times I talk about how much support and strength I feel from my family back home. I hope that when I talk about all of you I don't sound boastful, but it is hard not to with such an awesome family. I love you all and miss you more and more each week. Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon!
If anyone has questions on how to help the work. Here is the simplest answer ever. Members in our ward here in Olds ask us this all the time, and it works if they do it...which is rare. 1) Pray for missionary opportunities 2) Prepare yourself to bear super strong testimony and answer questions 3)Invite people to teach to meet missionaries in your home. Our ward mission plan is these three steps in shorter words: Pray, Purify, Invite. I love how simple it is and it is super effective. So that would be my advice. Considering all our family lives in northern utah, the chance to do this is a little bit harder to come by, but still possible I think. The missionaries in your area would love you forever!

-Elder Brown

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