Monday, September 13, 2010


Well family, this week has been a pretty stellar week. I don't think i have seen more contrast in weeks. Last week was one giant disappointment and this week was pretty dang incredible. We started out the week up in Red Deer @ a zone pday which was pretty great. We played basketball and floor hockey for hours. It was nice to actually get to build some relationships with these other elders/sisters that i'm serving with. What a sweet group of people. On tuesday evening we stopped by the Hay home which is a family that we have been trying to teach forever. They admitted to us that whenever a new missionary comes they try their hardest to see how off topic they can get him. So as you can tell they would be very very difficult to teach. Over about the last 7 weeks we have been going with the no-preaching approach. All we have done with them is visit, try to build a relationship of trust, and help them out as much as possible. We helped them move, and their brother in law who is in our ward move too. Mike and Eda Hay really are incredible people, and their oldest son Easton, daughter Katana, and son Wilson are all the sweetest kids. They all love to hang out and play whenever we are over there. Mike was telling us that his boys really look up to us and love showing us their new tricks or telling us how school is going, etc. Up until tuesday evening they never wanted or would let us share a message about the gospel. About half an hour into our visit, they asked us, "could you share a message with us before you leave?" We were shocked and we left a really good message about God's love for us. We set up a time on friday to have supper with them. As we sat down to eat mike asked if we could say a blessing on the food. After being shocked and having a wonderful prayer, he followed that request with, "now what can you share with us over dinner?" We taught the plan of salvation and eternal families. Both Mike and Eda were very open and we ended up inviting them to the ward barbeque on saturday. The whole family came and stayed all afternoon to play softball and all evening to have supper with the ward. Eda and Mike both said to me at one point or another, "this is a big step for us to come out to a church dinner." I know this probably doesn't sound like much progress...but they have really made some kind of step which is incredible!!!

Kyle Streit is still progressing rapidly. He is still cigarette free and is just rolling through the book of mormon. We asked him how much he read and he said, "Well i only read about five pages out of the book of mormon every day, so i should probably start reading a little more." We explained to him that that was plenty and talked about how proud we were to teach him. I literally have never seen someone's countenance change. When we began to teach him he could barely form sentances in a way that made sense and he would never smile or joke around. He could barely read, and spent most of his time either smoking or watching movies. Now he is a diligent and avid scripture studier and apologizes to us when he can't read due to a late shift at work. He now is always smiling and laughing and cracking jokes. Brother Salmon, (elder quorum pres.) came to a lesson with us at his home on Wednesday. He was speechless when he saw how much he had changed.

Anyways, the most important thing i think i have learned this week is that the work will go forth. I just need to be diligent in preparing myself to work hard, then the things will begin to fall into place. I really am starting to get into the routine and i am starting to loose all track of time. I can't believe three fast months have already passed, and two transfers have blown past. I hope that i can stay here in olds and continue to teach all these great people. I have also learned a ton more about eternal families and how much i want to be with each and every one of you forever. I look forward every day to being one day closer to seeing you all again. I love you all very much and hope you're doing well. Have a great week, and be good.

-Elder Brown

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