Monday, September 27, 2010


September 27, 2010

     This week has been another pretty good week. I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday up in Red Deer waiting for my new companion, Elder Taylor. It really was a strange and kinda sad experience to say bye to E. Andrasko because we really did get along very well and worked well together. Really, he is the only companion I have ever known, so it was a very weird feeling to see him leave. I got to spend the day with my MTC companion who is serving in the R.D. 3rd Ward named Elder Remer. He is a great guy and we had a fun day of waiting for our new companions. When we drove up to the church where we were going to meet up with our new comps, I saw E. Taylor and he had a big smile on his face and I knew we'd be good. He trained my good buddy from the MTC Elder Miller. He is a super great kid and I have already enjoyed the last few days of serving with him. He was a district leader in his last area and he is a very very good missionary, and I have learned a lot from him.
     I am not sure what I said about the guy we are teaching named Danny last week but he is sweet. He is living with a member because he lost his job and got evicted from where he was living. He was told by an ex coworker that maybe going to church and praying would help his situation. The first time we met him was last week at church and he wanted to take the lessons. Since then we have taught him all three lessons and he has accepted a date to be baptized which is October 23rd! We were so so so excited and he is really excited also. He agreed to quit smoking and to prepare himself to be dunked. We gave him a blessing and he said, "it feels like you guys were giving me strength and energy through your hands. It was so powerful I got a little dizzy." We were so happy for him and he really is starting to know what the spirit feels like. I can't wait to continue to teach him and to see him enter into this wonderful stage in his life.
     We also taught a great lesson to Joseph this week. We are trying to get him to meet members so he can feel comfortable at church. We had the lesson this week in the Martin's home. Even though he was reluctant at first to leave his home for the lesson, the Martins brought a lot of help and spirit into the lesson. The most powerful part of the lesson is when Bro. Martin said to Joseph, "Take your wife to the temple after you are baptized. Take her there and kneel across an altar from her and marry her. Marry her and make her yours for time and all eternity." Sister Schluter, Joseph's wife, broke down in tears and it was a very very touching moment for everyone. He committed to read and pray daily until he got an answer. I hope he continues to be willing to do this.
     Please pray for these people and let's show these people how an awesome family gets it done! I love you all and am thankful more and more each day that we have such a good relationship and no one dislikes another (hopefully) I love you all so much and miss you each and every day. Be good and be happy!

Elder Brown

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