Monday, September 6, 2010

Discouraging Week

September 6, 2010

Hey Everybody.
This week was pretty dang disheartening. We had a great week last week, then we totally flopped this week. We had to cross all but 1 of our potential investigators off the list and now we are back at ground zero pretty much. Well I guess I should say ground negative one because we have less people to teach now than we did when I got here.

It is getting pretty difficult to want to go tract because, more often than not, the people don't even open their doors. They will open their front doors and keep their screen doors closed and will wave us on before we can even get a word in. We haven't found a potential investigator or a new investigator in over two weeks now. ha ha don't think I am lazy and am just eating chocolates all day, because we have been knocking doors like crazy. We have been through almost the whole ward directory and visited most of the less actives.

We are going through all the auxillary leaders this week to try to get some referrals. The members here really don't care about missionary work at all. We have recieved triple the amount of referrals from non-members than from members of our ward. We have about 3 member families in our ward who are willing to help us and to come to lessons. Besides those few, the rest almost giggle when we ask them who they know that we could teach. I don't get it.
Anyway, on a brighter note. We went to all the towns of the Three Hills branch this week. We took a scenic drive on our lunch break down to the "Canadian badlands." They were pretty neat actually. We also drove past a Hutterite colony which was pretty neat. And we were driving down this gravel road in the middle of nowhere and a huge peacock comes flyin out in front of us. He just ran into the middle of the road and stopped. It was the coolest thing i have seen here, so we got some pictures and headed on our way.
Our lesson with Joseph went pretty well. We told him that he has met all the qualifications for baptism except one. He told us that when he fulfills that requirement and he gets his answer he will be baptized, "no questions asked" he says! He is a great man, but he will just take a lot of support and QandA's to get him to progress and gain a testimony.
Anyways, I love you all and have missed you a bunch this week. It sure would be nice to see all of you  and get your vote of confidence in my work out here. I hope that I can make you all proud!

Have a good week. be good. Love you!
-Elder Brown

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  1. Snitch, you are making us all proud just by being there and not giving up! Your hard work will pay off--I believe it! Love you!