Monday, September 20, 2010


September 20, 2010
Well Family,
     I am one dang happy missionary. Ha ha this has by far been the best week of my mission. That spiritual and temporal high had a little damper put on it by transfer calls this morning. E Andrasko is being transferred to Sturgeon which is about ten minutes north of Edmonton. We were getting along super well and after this amazing week we wanted to be together for at least one more and see some of these people progress.
     My new companion is Elder Taylor and I will get to meet him on Wednesday. I will still be here in Olds w/ him. I have been told he is a great missionary and is very stalwart. I can't wait to have a companion who is exactly obedient and is ready to make baptisms happen!
     Anyway, on to this week. We have really seen a huge change in the Hay family. We had a lesson with them on Wednesday and Eda (the mom) told us that they watched the Restoration DVD recently and Mike ( the father) cried through the whole thing. The spirit is working overtime on this family!!! They need your prayers as often as possible. They knelt down and prayed as a couple after the movie to know if it was all true. Mike told us he didn't receive an answer, but knows exactly why he didn't. He said he doesn't want an answer because he knows he will get one and will have to change a few things in his life. The only thing he would have to change is stop drinking hard lemonade and clean up his mouth a bit. This family is the perfect family, and they need my perfect family's help. Please pray hard for the Hay family!
     We have been meeting with Gil a lot since I have been here and he hasn't ever really given us a referral. Well this week one of his ex-coworkers gave him a call and was evicted from his place. He is now living with Gil Audet who is a great guy who just got is endowments and stuff. Danny ( the guy living with him) decided that maybe if he went to church his luck might change around. He showed up at work and asked us to teach him. After we taught him, Gil called us that evening and told us how excited he was to read and pray. Danny loved the lesson and is anxious to meet with us again this evening. Hopefully we will see some results soon.
     So the other awesome event that occurred was on Saturday. We were eating dinner with the McIntosh family and they told us to visit a less active member who lived next door. We visited her on Saturday and not only did she bring another less active who lives close to us, but they brought a non-member friend to the lesson. We taught about the restoration and she was very intrigued. She wanted a Book of Mormon and her friends told us that they would help her read every day. Susan and Lucille, the less actives, are super excited about Saling, the new investigator, being taught and call us very often to find out what else they can do to help.
     The last awesome thing is happening with the Ord family. They are a sweet family that is in our ward and Bro. Ord is the town's dentist. One of his hygienists named Karen has been reading a copy of the Book of Mormon for months now and she wants to meet with us. We accidentally tracted into her house the other day and she said to come back any time. We are really hoping that because the Ords and Karen and her husband Sloan are all such good friends that the Ords will make the invitation to take the lessons. We are meeting with them tonight hopefully also. I am so so excited to be working in this area. This should be an incredible next couple weeks.
     I love you all and am so happy to be out here. I hope that you are all happy and healthy. Be good and have fun. Enjoy it all and please pray for these people specifically. They need it a ton. Love you and miss you tons!
-Elder Brown

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  1. how fun to read!! i love this boy and so glad he is having some great times!!!!