Monday, August 30, 2010


August 30, 2010

Anyways, Hey Hosers!

I have officially started to speak as Canadian as possible. I am starting to get in the habit of saying "hey" all the time and iIbarely think about it anymore. This week was a super up and down week. Our weekly lesson with Joseph went incredible....still no baptismal date though. He even came to church this week! Roel and Helen both ditched even though they committed to come to church. We had a lot of appointments bail, but we had a ton of member lessons this week.

President Campbell promised us that if we would consistently reach 20+ lessons a week then we would baptize at least one person monthly! We were blown away by that promise and we tried tirelessly to get that. Last night at 9:00 when we were supposed to be headed home we were at 19 lessons. It started to pour but we needed that last lesson. We stopped in at a members house at about quarter after and asked if we could share a short lesson. He was ready for bed and relaxing and his children we all in the pj's ready to sleep. They all trudged up the stairs and we shared a short but awesome lesson with them. They all were very thankful we had come over and sent us on our way. We got 20 lessons!!! We still haven't gotten the baptism, but for only the 2nd time in my mission we met to goal of 20+ lessons. We were pretty excited and we want to stay consistent and get a baptism going.

We had another 4 hour tract-a-thon this week on 57th Ave which is the main residential road in Olds. We are really starting to get recognized now by people that we have either door contacted or street contacted. We hear, "Hey Missionaries!" from cars driving past all the time. Well...we hear that or a string of cuss words and mean comments ha ha.

We had a pretty sweet experience yesterday while tracting when this super old lady let us in. She was 93 and asked us to come in. She told us all about the different missionaries that had taught her and helped her with yard work, house work, lifting furniture, and everything else. We were excited to meet her even though she wasn't interested in taking the lessons. She commented on how Mormons "have a different light about them" and how much she respected young men who stay well groomed and are presentable. It was very refreshing to get noticed for something else besides a white shirt and tie.

Anyways, we gave talks in Olds this week and I gave the ward a stern rebuking for not giving us any referrals. Brother Mills, our ward mission leader, gave them quite a rude awakening. It was awesome to see which people in the congregation were squirming in their seats because they knew they had a name to give us! So I officially 7 day challenge anyone who reads this....It is near impossible in Utah though. The next time you feed the missionaries, have a non-member or less active in the home. It works miracles!

I love you all and am proud to represent such an incredible family here in Canada.
Be good, I love you and miss you so much!

-Elder Brown

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