Monday, August 2, 2010


So to the good stuff. This week was super crazy and all over the place! I feel like I have been all over Alberta. We went on two exchanges this week and both were super beneficial. The first exchange was on Wed/Thur with the Elders from Rocky Mountain House. Elder Havens (our new district leader) came down and we had a good old Kaysville Boy. It felt so good to be with someone who knew all the comforts of my home town. We talked way past our bedtime about all the funny Kaysville sayings and activities. I never knew him in high school, but he hung out with a lot of kids from Brookhaven so I probably met him once or twice. The second exchange was with the Zone Leaders from Red Deer. I went with Elder Grant from Salt Lake. He is an incredible missionary and we tracted for 6 hours in one 24 hour period. It was a little much but we found quite a few new potential investigators.

We had a super interesting conversation with a man who was all about evolution and how this world is many billions of years old. He had kinda a neat philosophy that the reason that all these things were dated to be so old because it was a test for those scientists. He thinks that it was a good creation from God to fool those who wouldn't give the credit for such a "find" to God, but would rather take the credit for themselves. I will admit...the whole theory was a little over my head. We have met some very very interesting people for sure.

Anyway, as we got back to our area on Saturday night we had some sweet lessons with members and less active members. We have been teaching a kid named Raymond who is 15 and was baptized just a few weeks prior to me arriving here in Olds. We are trying our best to prepare him for missionary service. His biggest concern is leaving his family, as was mine. I feel like I can really help him so pray for him, because he would be an incredible missionary.

We had another lesson with Joseph Schluter and it went pretty well. We took a member to the lesson this week named Brother Martin. He practically taught the whole lesson for us and uncovered some of Joseph's concerns that he is really earnestly trying to work out. He is solid and his progression is so visible from week to week. I cannot wait until the Lord confims to him that his decision is a good one. Please keep praying for him also.

To top off this week, I have to share the coolest experience that we have had in a while. We drove out to a town southeast of Olds called Lindon. It is a tiny town and we are teaching a disfellowshipped member and his fiancee out there. We arrived a little early to our appointment and we decided to find something to do. Elder Andrasko saw some kids playin out in their yard and said, "we need to go talk to their parents." We walked over and the kids took us inside and not 10 minutes later we had almost the whole first lesson taught and an invite to come back this evening. Elder A. called it right from the start and it totally happened! This guy is sweet and his whole family seems very interested.

Well,  family and friends, I love you all and miss you tons. Hope everything is going well back in the Real World(Utah) and that everyone is happy and healthy. Be good, and write often. Tell me about any sweet news!

Love you

-Elder Brown

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