Monday, August 16, 2010

Moving Forward in Olds, Alberta!


This week was such a turn around!! We really were struggling to get lessons this week but we fought through it. We decided we needed to tighten in on what we counted as lessons and what was not acceptable. We noticed that as soon as we followed the exact instructions and qualifications in Preach My Gospel, we had lessons to teach. We had a TON of lessons with less actives and recent converts this week and i really feel like they are helping these people out a ton.

One of the less active members that we have been teaching is named Kyle Striet. He is a man from Stetler who moved to Olds and got lost in the shuffle of things and became inactive. He really is an incredible man, and has so many questions and is loving each reading assignment we give him. He always asks for a bigger one each time. He has told us many times he wants to prepare himself to enter into the temple, but doesn't know what he has to do. We set up an interview with the Bishop and told him he has to quit smoking to be eligible to enter into the temple. He immediately jumped up from his seat, grabbed his pack of cigarettes, busted them in half, and threw them in the garbage. He had a big giddy smile on his face and said, "I'm really doing it this time!" We both about just jumped for joy, and he has now gone almost a week without a smoke. We are so proud! Keep him in your prayers.

We had an amazing appointment with one of our new investigators named Roel this week. He is another Philipino investigator, and he has tons of questions and really was involved in the lesson. We took a member of the Three Hills branch with us, and he had such a huge influence on the lesson. I really know now why having a member at lessons with Investigaors is so important. They really make all the difference in the world! Roel was very excited about our message and was dying to hear about the plan of salvation but said that he had to go pick up his drunk brother from a party. That was disappointing, but he told us, "Sorry, i no ever do that!" We just laughed and had a sigh of relief. He is an incredible guy.

Our lesson with Joseph this week didn't go so well. He is having a hard time getting an answer, and we are wondering if he has that desire. After our lesson, we decided that we needed to start getting a little more forward/bold and get a real committment out of him. We are trying not to be pushy, but he is a very non-confrontational person, so he won't talk when we ask him questions and his wife will jump in to answer for him. It is frustrating, but keep praying for him. He is a lot closer to being baptized than he thinks he is, he just needs to find that out for himself.

Besides all those guys, we had such a cool experience at church yesterday. One of the members of our ward, Victor Sosa, is from mexico and is the most missionary-minded member I have ever met. This week we met his roommate while walking to an appointment, and he told us his "annoying roommate" has already talked to all of them about the Book of Mormon. We knew immediately who he was talking about. Victor is from Mexico and is here in Canada working until he can bring his wife and 2 sons here to live with him. Anyway, to the good part. He brought his good friend Sergio who is also from Mexico with him to church. He sat through our Gospel Essentials lesson and came up afterwards and said he loved the lesson and wanted to know more. He promised he would be here every week he could be and says he wants to know all he can because he is "searching for some answers [he is] missing." He is an incredible man and has agreed to meet with us as soon as we could. He really is so golden, and I can't wait to get to know him and teach him this wonderful gospel.

Well, that is about all the exciting stuff here from Olds. Still loving it here, and still loving the work. If anyone has any ideas of creative contacting ideas, lets hear them! We always are looking for new and fun ways to talk to people. I love you all so so so much and miss you tons. I hope everything is going well at home, and you're all being good. Have a wonderful week!
Love you,

Elder Brown

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