Monday, August 23, 2010


August 23, 2010

Hey Everybody,
This I can only describe it as difficult. Between all the cancellations and all the doors we knocked this week I can honestly saw I haven't been this tired in a long time. I really loved some parts of this week, and was also just super sick of the whole thing and am glad that it is a new week.
We had a 4 hour tract-a-thon this weekend because our teaching pool in Olds is getting smaller than in surrounding areas. The fact that we have VERY limited kilometers every month kinda makes it impossible to get out and teach these people as often as we would like, thus we have to find some people here to teach. Out of this marathon of door knocking we are now teaching.....0 new people. After all that, we still didn't find even one person remotely interested. We were super bummed out....
As we trudged home defeated, one of our eternal investigators named Mike Hays saw us and picked us up. He is such an awesome guy, but tries his best to avoid the gospel whenever we are around him. He noticed that we looked disappointed and decided to pick us up, then proceeded to provide some excellent words of encouragement. He told us not to look at it as 100's of slammed doors and no's. But rather as 100's of opportunities to represent Jesus Christ and His church. When he explained further and talked us up for a while we just began to be more and more shocked. All this encouragement and uplifting material was coming from a guy who barely believes in God and Jesus Christ.....needless to say our jaws both almost hit the floor.
Sunday, we gave talks in the Three Hills branch which is also in our area. It is about an hour east of Olds, but the branch there is incredible!!! President McNeely(branch pres.) leaned over and told us they had a GREAT turn out today and they had 27 people there. Coming from our ward at home, or even the Olds ward, or my student ward at school....this was incredibly small. They had 2 people passing and 2 blessing. When we got the call to speak they told us we were the only two speakers and that we would need to fill the sacrament meeting. We both ended up speaking for 20+ minutes. At the beginning of my talk i was so nervous, but by the end i felt like i was just talking to one person. After 20 minutes of standing and delivering a talk, the novelty of being scared wore off.
We visited a bunch of the members from Elnora down to Acme. the members of the branch were so awesome and all of them were thrilled to have us there. They informed us that it had been a long while since the last Elders had been there. The last Elders they told us about are both home now, and E. Andrasko hadn't even heard of one of them. Obviously, it was a long long time ago.
So the most exciting part of the week is that I extended a real baptismal commitment. Joseph's was kinda real, but we didn't give him a lot of specifics and he is still struggling with the concept of baptisms for the dead for some reason....Anyway, the man that I committed is named Roel. He is a Philipino that lives in Lindon. He is incredible and has kept every commitment we have left him and more. He says he wants his wife and two brothers and their wives to hear this message too. We were super excited to hear that and hopefully a few of those people will be there @ our weekly appointments on Friday.
Anyway, things are good here and I am hoping for a better week this week. I love you all and miss you a lot. Hope you are all happy and wonderful as always. Be good.

Your favorite missionary
-Elder Brown

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  1. Snitch...
    I'm feeling like a loser because I haven't written you a real letter! Do you get to read these comments!
    It's so fun to read what you're up to! Keep up the great work. We know you are making a difference! We have several Filipino families in our ward--they are so humble and awesome!
    Things are going well for us. The kids started school today! Hard to believe Maryn's a kindergartener--but she loved it! Carson is hoping they'll teach him something in 2nd grade that he doesn't already know! :) Baby Quinn is getting chubbier by the second...she's SO cute and fun!
    Thanks for representing the family in mission field! We're so proud of you!