Monday, August 9, 2010


Aug 9, 2010

This week has been kinda one big ongoing disappointment. We have been calling it the Debbie Downer or the Negative Nancy week. We had over half of our appointments (including member appointments, less active appointments, recent converts, and investigators) cancel. We are challenged to get 20 lessons a week. This week, we got a pretty lame 14....We were pretty upset. We have been focusing on finding new people this week and have found 8 new potential investigators in the last 3 days which was super exciting. Regrettably, two of them have already called us and told us to not come back and "regifted" our Book of Mormon. Needless to say, we really had to be on our A game when we actually did get into an appointment.
We have a new investigator who refuses to tell us her first name. Her name is Mrs. Baxter and she is one of the nicest ladies i've met since being here. We taught her the first lesson and it went stellar. She told us all about her daughter, who has a bunch of kids, who is looking for a church that has a good program for children. Any particular church come to mind? We jumped on the opportunity and gave her our number and hopefully will begin teaching her daughter and children this upcoming week. We had a pretty funny experience when teaching lesson 1 to Mrs. Baxter. As we were teaching the restoration and reciting the first vision, which is always the strongest part of the lesson, her son comes barging in the front door just cussing up a storm. I heard the voice but couldn't see where he was. Mrs. Baxter noticed my confused look and pointed to the counter. He was a midget and he was standing behind the counter...thus the confusion. Elder Andrasko and I finished the lesson as best we could and left in a hurry. The experience wasn't really that funny, but both of us got laughing and couldn't stop for a solid hour.
We had an awesome appointment with our friend Raymond who is the recent convert. We taught Lesson 3: The gospel of Jesus Christ, and he loved it. I challenged him to finish the Book of Mormon at the end of our transfer which is this week. He has lots of reading to do! He was about half way through 3rd Nephi. Our mission president challenged us at the beginning of the transfer to finish it by the end and highlight every reference to God or Christ in one color, and anything that is a direct quote by either in another. You should see my BofM! That thing looks like i have been workin through it for years. I want to give it away to someone who would benefit from it, any ideas? Even someone back home who might benefit? Let me know.
Joseph, the man who accepted the baptismal committment, cancelled our appointment this week. We were pretty upset, and were really hoping to set a real date this week. We left him the Special Witnesses of Christ DVD last week and were looking forward to his comments about it. Hopefully next week!
Anyways, please keep praying for a better week next week. As you can see, Olds needs all the help it can get.

Love you, Be good,
-Elder Brown

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