Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 5 in Canada

July 26, 2010

So on to the fun stuff for the week. We got a new District Leader named Elder Havens because our previous one got an emergency transfer from President Campbell. There was one very stalwart missionary and one very lazy missionary in the companionship and our DL had to get sent away to another area. We had some pretty sweet lessons this week and spent a TON of time out in the surrounding areas of Olds. We spent the majority of the week trying former investigators in all these areas without one little bit of success ha ha. In fact they were all very forward about being very uninterested! It was a good thing to do to make sure we try to stay in contact with those that were interested at one point.

Our finding has been going super poorly. We tract at least 1.5 hours every day but it comes with very little to no success. Our only really great find for the week was a family from the Philippines who seem super interested, but not ready to leave their own church. They would be out of town this weekend or something like that, but said they would be curious to come to our "worship" this coming Sunday. We were pretty excited. We have tracted about 1/4 of the houses in Olds now and we are still hoping to be half way done by the end of next transfer.

We had an awesome appointment with an elderly lady from Scotland this week named Helen Buhler. She was a military nurse and worked all over the war in Europe and has had an incredible life. She is about mid 80's and is still just a gardening fanatic. She has a beautiful flower garden, and was very excited that i knew a thing or two about what she could do to help everything grow a little better(especially her grass which was looking quite poor).

One interesting experience we had this week was while tracting. We got cussed out by someone and they slammed the door on us which isn't uncommon. We just laughed and headed to the next door when we noticed someone running up behind us yelling our "elders!" We turned around and Elder A. recognized him as a less active member named Kyle Streit. He was very apologetic for the behavior of his roommate who had just cussed us out and invited us right in. Being in the same room with the guy who just swore at us for 5 minutes was a little awkward, but Kyle told us he wanted to go to the temple and didn't know how. We spent the next hour teaching about the temple and how we can get inside that wonderful place! It was pretty neat.

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