Monday, July 5, 2010

2nd week in Canada

Hey everyone!
Another pretty good week here in Olds. We have found 3 new investigators to teach, but had 7 lessons bail on us this week. We are trying real hard to find more people to teach because apparently all their investigators before I got here got baptized. So as of now we only have about 5 people that want us to come by anymore, and 3 of them have already denied baptismal commitments. We have been doing a ton of street contacting and door knocking without too much success. We are really hoping that it will turn around soon.

My companion, Elder Andrasko, is headed up to Edmonton for the majority of the week to attend a world wide missionary seminar with a new Preach My Gospel curriculum.  He is pretty hesitant to go because we have some pretty important appointments set up for tomorrow and the next day. An Elder from Rocky Mountain House will be down here in Olds with me(Elder Lisonbee). Elder Lisonbee is quite the country boy from Scipio Utah. He is quite an aggressive missionary, and is known to chase people down the street to contact them. We'll see how that goes i guess...

We met a man from the Phillipines this week and started teaching him the lessons. He is a member of the Church of Christ but left because of how much money they wanted all the time. He shows alot of potential and is always very excited for our visits. He said he is looking for "his calling" and wants to know if it is in our church. I am excited for this coming sunday when he gets to come. He normally works every sunday, but we are planning on going to his Boss and trying to negotiate a day off or something for him ha ha.

I have noticed that a lot of people really want to just make sure they try to offend us when they aren't interested. The best line we have heard this week was from a door contacting situation. We had talked to his wife a few days prior and she was really interested and wanted us back as soon as possible. When we went back her husband answered and cussed us out and said, "Do you see that sidewalk behind you?" and we both just looked behind us and said, "yes i sure do." He followed it with, "thats the way you'll be getting off my porch." He thought it was the funniest thing anyone had ever said and laughed as he slammed the door. Elder Andrasko and I wondered if he was trying to be informative or offend us. Either way...we thought it was pretty great. It also is a very frequent occurance to see pull over and swear at us a few times then speed away when we start walking towards their car. Anyways, not much else has been going on. Lots of No's when we're contacting. Lots of walking back and forth across the city.

I love you all so much and miss you every day. I thought a lot about Jodi yesterday and have really been doing a lot more of that here in the Mission field. I know she is watchin out for me and makin sure nothin too terrible happens. Give everyone my love.

Be good, and be happy. I love you
-Elder Brown

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  1. Mitch, you're a total stud! I hope you read the comments on here, but if you don't I'll just send good vibes your way. My piece of advice this week is to kill people with kindness. I found that we turned a lot of very rude people around by just responding with tons of politeness, courtesy, and kindness. It's not easy. In fact it's friggin' hard. But most people will judge the Church based on the WORST experience they ever had with it, so don't let it be you. Keep up the good work! You ARE being looked after. That mantle they talk about is very real and you'll feel that a lot in the coming months.