Monday, June 28, 2010


Greetings from the Great White North!

So my MTC group narrowly made it Canada on Tuesday due to some serious problems at customs. My MTC comp had only his passport card which is only valid through water and land....not by air. Which I thought was strange. Anyways we got through after about two hours in customs which is why I never got the opportunity to call home.

Anyways, Elder Andrasko is my trainer and he is from McCallen Texas. He is a pretty sweet kid although he is a little timid. He does a really good job when we're out knocking doors or teaching a lesson, but other than that he doesn't talk much. We are stationed in Olds (i think it's named after the average age of the people here) which is the farthest South that our mission covers. It is a really small town and we also cover Carstairs, Didsberry, and Three Hills. Olds is closer to Calgary than to Edmonton, so let me know if you find it.

The metric system throws me off because all the highways are 80 or 90 kph so I feel like we should be flying down the road and we really aren't going that fast at all. The ward here is pretty good, and has about 100 people in it. I really only have one concern about the ward here, and that's that no one really seems to be in love or passionate about the gospel like back home. Canadians just aren't passionate about anything except motorcycles or hockey! Oh and Canadians do really say "Eh" a TON. The younger generation says more of a Hey instead of eh...but they say it a lot regardless of which one.

We live with the Stake Patriarch, in his basement. It is real ghetto .. Lots of mold and old stuff. Besides that, they are super sweet people. Patriarch Johnson was on his death bed about 9 years ago and received the calling to be the Patriarch while he was in the hospital. After he got the calling, he has been up and going just fine. The Priesthood is a pretty incredible thing.

I have been ridiculously homesick the last couple days. It really has not been fun to lay in bed every night and just want to be home. Hopefully, as we find someone to teach, that will pass. We have already extended a baptismal commitment since I have been here, and it was pretty much brutally denied. He denied that we had the Priesthood of God and said that we couldn't provide any more valid of a baptism than he already had.

We have been teaching a few families and haven't had a ton of success there either. I really hope that something picks up somewhere.

Anyways, i really am learning a lot. We have been challenged to read the Book of Mormon in 1 transfer and I am already close to finishing Second Nephi. It has been flying by. It is way nice to have an hour every morning to just study the scriptures. Companionship study is cool too, because it usually turns into an hour discussion of random gospel topics.

Some of the fun stuff we have done this week is volunteer at the long-term care branch of the hospital, and help the Johnsons with their yard work. I got to mow the lawn which made it feel like home. Make sure dad knows they were VERY impressed with how straight the lines were. So thank you dad for teaching me so well.

I love you all so much and hope all is well. I pray every day that you may all feel the blessings of me being here, and I hope that some of those prayers are coming back out here. This area, and me, need them a lot. The 2 sets of missionaries that were here before us were real lame and didn't do a whole lot so the work is really slow. We are working hard to pick it back up as best we can.

Give the kids hugs from Uncle Mitchin and tell them how much I love them.
Be safe, and be good.

Elder Brown

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